Tuesday, November 13, 2007

coincidence or curse?

It has happened too often for us to ignore. We’d like to think it’s mere coincidence, but there is the fear that some kind of insidious curse is at work.

Mary is a loving, caring, generous, sensitive person who befriends perfect strangers with ease. She is a doting mother and a loyal friend. She is a marvelous teacher who has students from many past years contacting her to thank her for her teaching. She remembers birthdays and anniversaries and loves to send cards and gifts to her close friends and many acquaintances on those occasions. She keeps a dustfree house with shiny windows. When she does laundry it always turns out spotless and smelling fresh and she always folds it and puts it away neatly in the appropriate drawers and closets.
She manages the household finances and never has an overdue bill. And she takes wonderful care of me. In other words, she is as close to perfect as a wife and friend can get.

Accept for one thing—if you cross her or antagonize her in any way or hurt those near and dear to her, you or someone close to you WILL DIE. I don’t mean eventually or in the normal course of events, but soon after your confrontation with her. This has happened at least a half dozen times over the years. Someone will say something to her or scold her children or complain about her dog or give her a hard time at school and shortly thereafter that person or someone close to them will bite the dust.

We have laughed about it and made light of those occasions when it has happened, but it is getting downright spooky. Just last week a neighbor up at the lake cottage, who complained about our dog, suddenly developed liver cancer and was dead within the week. Finis. On another occasion, when our kids were little, another lake neighbor scolded them for paddling their paddle boat too close to the neighbors dock. Several weeks later the guy had a heart attack. Gone. Once she had a lousy relationship with the principal at school and his wife died shortly after one of their disagreements. Pushing up daisies.

There have been several other incidents just like that. I’m thinking maybe I can hire her out as a hitman. Make a few bucks. Take advantage of her obvious talent. Coincidence or curse? All I know is that I intend to stay on her good side.

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Artistic Soul said...

That is a cool superpower! I wish I had it!! ;P