Wednesday, December 19, 2007

first time this year

There's a first time for everything. Today was my first time shoveling snow off the roof. Don't worry, it is a flat roof so I was in no danger from sliding off into the bushes and snowdrifts below.

What demon possessed me to risk such an endeavor, you ask. Well, there have been numerous reports on the local news about the heavy snow of recent weeks causing roofs to sag and collapse. That planted the seed of worry, and the gutter ice dams that are a result of the warming temperatures causing those huge icicles to hang down from the roofline, spurred me into action. This is not a unique situation here; there have been many years that have produced as much snow and more, yet before now I never had the motivation to get up there and clear away the accumulation of white stuff. Boredom may have played a significant role in this instance.

Still, I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment at having thwarted Mother Nature once again. The bright warm sunshine on display today has nearly cleared the gutters of ice now that I cleared away the insulating blanket of snow. The icicles have been knocked to the ground with a few mighty swings of my shovel. And I have no fear now that my roof will collapse from the nearly twenty inches of snow that had rested evilly on its surface.

The satisfaction is worth the aching back and sore muscles that plague this old body right now. A fistful of Advil and a long afternoon nap will bring me back to my normal state of decrepitude. I'm off to the couch to dream of summer days on the golf course......

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Michael Manning said...

Sounds like a nice push broom may be under your tree at Christmas! That snow does get heavy!!