Wednesday, January 02, 2008

all gone

It’s like it never happened. I woke up this morning, came downstairs in my usual pre-coffee stupor, and realized that it was all gone. Every last vestige of the holidays was gone. The house was stripped clean of all the decorations and festive bunting that filled the house for the past month.

Apparently, Mary, in one of her fits of feverish activity, worked into the wee hours of the morning eradicating any hint of Christmas spirit still wafting through the house. No more greenery, no more shiny ornaments, no more twinkling lights. All gone. It’s like the past month never even existed.

The only decorations still untouched by her eraser were those outside. The only reason she didn’t get rid of those, too, was because it was dark outside and she didn’t want to stumble around in the night. So it fell to me this morning to do the removal of the outside garlands and wreaths while she disappeared to a lunch meeting with her friend. Despite my frozen fingers and toes—it was only 17 degrees out there—I managed to finish the job.

So the Christmas season is officially over. Now we can concentrate on complaining about the cold and snow and the interminable length of winter still ahead. The holiday season is gone, let the whining season begin.

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