Monday, January 14, 2008

not just football, Packer football

If, at the beginning of the football season, any Packer fan would have predicted the success the Packers have had--13 regular season wins and chance to play for the NFC championship--they would have been laughed at for more than just their cheeseheads. This improbable season has been not just exciting, but joyous for any Packer fan because it was so unexpected.

So now, of course, we here in Packer country are being bombarded with all Packers all the time. You can't take a breath without getting a whiff of green and gold. The rest of the world has apparently stopped in its tracks, since there has been no news of anything other than Brett Favre and his minions. The war in Iraq? Must have called a truce. The economy? Must be booming (it is if you count sales of Packer paraphenalia). Immigration woes? Give em all a Packer wool cap and a shovel and they can clear the snow from Lambeau. Health care? If you're talking about any health issues other than the aches and pains of any Packer player, shame on you for being so selfish. No matter what the issue, there is a Packer spin to it here in the land of the Frozen Tundra.

Not that that is all bad. It is kind of energizing to focus on something good and worth cheering for in this time of political bombast and worldwide woes and the complex issues that normally fill the pages of our newspapers. A little escapism is good for the collective soul. It is good as long as the Packers keep winning football games. If this team of destiny lives up to its promise and everyone's expectations now and makes it to the Super Bowl and wins that game, there will be such an outpouring of pride and jubilation around here that all other worldly issues will disappear in the avalanche of love.

See, football, despite my wife's opinion to the contrary, is a good and wonderful thing. Just keep winning. And wear lots of green and gold.

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wiccachicky said...

I too have Packer fever -- it's been a lot of fun to see them excel this season. My mom's a long time fan, so I grew up cheering for the green & gold.