Tuesday, February 19, 2008

primary day

I just returned from the polling place. Today is primary day here in Wisconsin, the chance for us to have a say in who our next president might be. I can't remember ever voting in a primary before, having little interest in the machinations of the two major parties. But for some reason this year I have been bitten by the political bug and feel the need to scratch where that bug has bitten me. So I braved the single digit temperatures and icy roads and sidewalks (especially treacherous for one normally unsteady on his feet) and got myself to the grade school that serves as our voting venue.

I was heartened to see a busy and bustling poll. Normally at any election there is a slow and relatively low turnout, which means no waiting to cast your vote. Today, however I had to actually stand in line behind four other voters at my ward's voting booth. That would indicate that a lot of others are as engaged in this year's election process as I am. I would guess that that is due to the real chance to affect some needed changes in the nation's capitol.

Allow me a bit of politicking here. I am a supporter of Barack Obama. He seems to be saying all the right things and appears to have an intelligence that has been lacking in the presidency since the dolt who holds the office now stole the election eight years ago. I have no wish to denigrate Hillary Clinton, who is a viable candidate as well, and whom I would vote for if she does indeed become the Democratic candidate. It's just that I don't want to be caught up in the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton continuum that would result if she were elected. And there is a real danger that her ascendancy to the office would produce co-presidency with Bill, who is not likely to fade into the background on such a powerful stage. So the idea of having some totally new presence in the White House is greatly appealing to me. We might actually see some positive changes in this country with Obama's election. We certainly can't do worse than the quagmire we have been stugglling in these past eight years.

Whatever your political leanings, be sure to go to the polls when your turn comes. Despite what some people think when they say that their vote doesn't count, everyone's voice should be heard, everyone has a say in how the country is run.


Anonymous said...

I like Obama too and will happily support him should he win the Democratic nomination. But I don't think it would so bad for Hilary to win with the experience of Bill by her side.

Carrie said...

We here in California don't have to brave the terrible, terrible weather we often experience here (temperatures in the 50s! Occasional light rain!) in order to vote. We get our ballots delivered to my apartment through the mail, thus ensuring that we don't have to go outside and get too much bright sunshine in our eyes.