Monday, March 31, 2008

getting caught up

I know that over the past several weeks I have been neglecting my blogging chores. But the time has been spent constructively away from the keyboard. I have been spending even more time in the shop than ever in a spate of creativity that just won't let up. I feel the need to take advantage of that feeling while it lasts, so other things have to take a backseat for while. Just to prove that I'm not just talking, but walking the walk, so to speak, here are some pictures of a couple recently completed projects.

This is a six sided box made of Maple with Oak inlays and an Oak trimmed top. What do you call a six sided object? I'm at a loss there. Anyway, this box is just a box in a shape I wanted to explore. It stands 6" high and is 4.5" wide. It is one of what I call Treasure Boxes--boxes that can hold your little treasures like jewelry or anything else you want to keep handy, but out of sight.

This sculpture is called simply "Shell". It is made of laminated Pine pieces with deliberately contrasting grains to give it a multi-faceted look and dimension when the light shines and reflects on the various pieces. It is really quite subtle and beautiful. The overall dimensions are 8"x13".

I have been also spending some time getting an online shop organized so that I can make some of my work available to anyone interested in buying. It takes a bit more energy and organization than I at first anticipated. More details when I finally get going with it.

And now, since I have three more projects in the works down in the workshop, I better get back to work. I do really enjoy it too much, though, to call it work.

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