Friday, March 21, 2008

spring on hold

Here we are, deep into the second day of Spring, watching the snow outside blowing sideways, with the real possibility that we will be deep into the throes of renewed winter if it keeps up much longer. We were just getting used to seeing the grass that had been buried for the past nearly five months finally emerge from under the melted snow cover. The grass may have been brown and lumpy, but it was grass and not snow and therein lies its appeal. Now I am faced with the necessity of firing up the snowblower once again instead of getting the lawnmower prepped for another season of warmth and green grass.

In years past, and in our collective imaginations, Easter was the real harbinger of Spring. People would don their new spring finery and parade down main street strutting before each other like peacocks intent on garnering the approval and envy of the lesser beings along the way. Such an ideal gentility seems wondrously quaint and certainly unattainable today. This Easter any finery will be shrouded by parkas and overcoats, scarves and galoshes and left to our imaginations.

This change in weather, from the gentler temperatures of early Spring and the sunlight of longer days, back to the harshness of winter snow and cold, has a profound affect on my psyche. I find myself tumbling down into the muck of depression while trying to deal with the muck of heavy snow. I was planning on getting the golf clubs out this weekend and maybe hit a few balls at the range or maybe just swing the club in the backyard on that brown and lumpy grass, but that intent is now buried deep, back in the far reaches of my mind, as inaccessible to me as the grass in the yard. Disappointment at having to put off such pleasures only makes the snow that much heavier.

Still, while the snowfall today is a backward step in the march toward Spring, I will try to make the best of the situation by spending some productive time in the workshop. I can’t be outside enjoying the natural pleasures that I was hoping for so I might as well do my best to ignore the ugliness out there and create my own world of beauty inside. And while I may have to go out there and interact with the artic conditions at some point, in the meantime I can just pretend that all is well and that the warmth I hope for is just hibernating a little longer.

Spring really is just around the corner. It’s just that the corner seems a long ways away just yet.

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