Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've not been idle

Despite my seeming lack of accomplishment lately, I've still managed to produce some interesting sculptures. But now I feel like I have to complete the few works still on the workbench because the warmer spring weather and the resultant outside chores and activities beckon me outside and away from the shop. I hate being cooped up in the basement when the sun is shining outside. So unless I move the workshop out into the garage for the summer, I won't be getting a whole lot done on the creative side of the ledger. I will just keep stockpiling the ideas until I can devote the proper time and effort when the weather turns nasty again in the Fall.

Here are several recently completed pieces that you haven't seen yet. There are a few others still to be photographed that I will post here soon.

This vine covered vase is made from a variety if woods. The vines are oak with maple leaves. The little flowers exploding from the top are carved pine.

This is simply called "Tree." The trunk is cedar and the "leaves" are maple. It stands 16" high.

This is one of my favorites called "Almost Bottle." This "bottle" is made from a couple hundred pieces of pine, maple. and walnut and stands about 16" high.

If you want to see more of my completed pieces go here. I also have a few things for sale here.

In a few days I willl have some more for you to look at as I clear the workshop. Stay tuned.


wiccachicky3 said...

These are some of my favorites to date! Very creative!!

Carrie said...

The only real problem with living in California (aside from the insane traffic, the idiot children and their fawning parents, the fires, the occasional earthquake, and the high price of living) is that the weather is so often so very nice here that you rarely get one of those let's-stay-inside-and-watch-movies-or-do-projects days. It's really rough, I tell you.