Friday, April 11, 2008

more from the workshop

Lately I've been exploring the "box" as an artform. I find there is an infinite variety of shapes and details that can be applied to the genre. My first few attempts are somewhat simple, but no less useful and attractive for that simplicity. I like the idea of continueing the ages-old use of containers for artistic expression. Some of the earliest evidence of mankind's existance is found in the bowls and jars and jugs and storage utensils employed by early man. I'm just adding to that heritage in my own feeble way.

This maple and walnut box is 8" long by 3"x3", The top swivels open and closed.

This 5" cube box is a uniquely shaped octagon with four concave sides. It is made of maple, walnut and purpleheart.

You can find these boxes and several other items for sale here. I have opened a shop at that site as an experiment to see if it is a viable way for me to enter into the world of commerce. As always, you can also see a more comprehensive compilation of my work at my gallery site. If this commerce thing works out I will continue to offer more of my efforts for sale in the future. Thanks for looking.

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katcampbell said...

These boxes are stunning. I have a severe lack of behind door storage space, so I use all kinds of containers to keep things picked up. It is very difficult to find beautiful storage and I'm sick to death of baskets.