Monday, April 28, 2008

what to do

I'm at a point now where there is so much to do that I get nothing done. Hve you ever been so overwhelmed with choices that you can't seem to pick just one and so you ignore them all and do nothing? That's where I'm at right now.

Every day I think of several things to write about here, but everyday I manage to think of a bunch of other things to do instead that seem more important. I seem to be unable to allocate time for everything so I spend an inordinant amount of time trying to decide what to do. That indecision takes more time than actually doing something on the list.

I have three things in the works in the shop and several more ideas I want to pursue there. Great, you say, so get at it and aaccomplish something. But, no, there is a lot of outside work that needs doing now that the growing season is finally upon us. The grass needs to be cut and plants need to be moved and planted. But today it is too cold and wet to work outside, so those tasks will get pushed to tomorrow or the next day or the to the next time I feel lilke going outsiide, which might be who knows when. There are a few minor repair and maintainence jobs around the house to do, but I can't seem to find the right time to do them. Usually by this time in April I have at least a half dozen rounds of golf in, but this year I haven't even dragged the clubs out of the basement yet. Then there are the books I intend to read and the magazines to keep up with and the ballgames to watch on tv. And don't forget the list of chores that Mary seems to think I should be doing. Her lists never get any shorter.

There is also the underlying current of societal concerns that add to the ennui. We have gas prices that are becooming unmanagable, food prices that are leading us to unwanted diets, politicians who are sniping at each other, protests in the streets over too many issues to keep track of, and the nearly daily news of another of our soldiers killed needlessly in a war thaat never should have been.

So here I sit at the keyboard whining and complaining instead of doing. Is there a name for this condition. I hope it's not depression.

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