Thursday, May 15, 2008

boxes, more boxes

I like making boxes. I think I've mentioned that before. Boxes have such an infinite variety of shapes and posibilities for design, using a variety of materials. Each one has its own special character, its own special use, its own special lid. I could spend the rest of my woodworking life just making boxes and never repeat myself.

These two little boxes are the latest to emerge from the shop. They are both small treasure boxes meant to hold those little treasures that are gathering in the corners of your drawers, until now, homeless and mostly forgotten. Not only can you give those treasures a home, but you get to look at these pretty boxes too. A real win/win situation if there ever was one.

This little beauty is 5" long by 3" wide and 2" deep. It is maple and walnut. The top pivots open.

This treasure box is 5"x3"x3" and made from maple and walnut and oak with a stripe of purpleheart around its equater. The top on this one slides open.

I've added these two to the compilation of other work at my gallery site so you can see them along with all the other stuff that has come out of my workshop. Thanks for looking.


jillbeth said...

What lovely little boxes! I'm not much for knick knacks, but I love boxes, baskets, and other decorative containers that are pretty and functional, too. They make it so easy to keep clutter contained!

Carrie said...

Beautiful, as usual. Check out if you're interested ever in selling anything - I know you've only got so much room in the house. Also, have you built the photo soft boxes yet? Oh, and I have a surprise present for you that I will give you when I come home!