Monday, June 09, 2008

water, water everywhere

Well, we still have our heads above water after a long weekend of nearly nonstop heavy rains. I think the official total rainfall is somewhere around 6 inches. And most of that is still sitting there since the ground is thoroughly saturated. Tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings were constant all weekend from Friday evening until Sunday evening. We spent about 45 minutes in the basement on Saturday when it looked like a tornado was about to appear. Sirens were blaring for quite awhile. While we didn't see any tornados, the winds were sometimes in excess of 60-70 mph with these storms, so there was a lot of wind damage as well as flooding. Scary stuff. But the only real worry we had through all of it was that the sump pump would quit and we would have to spend the next couple days bailing out the basement. Katie's (daughter-in-law) folks had it a lot worse than we did. Their basement flooded and they lost a lot of stuff. Their street was flooded because the storm sewers couldn't handle the volume of water that fell in such a short time, so the water had no where to go but to the lowest point, which turned out to be their basement. What a mess. Rivers are overflowing their banks and flooding areas all across the state. Roads, even the interstate, were closed for periods during the weekend, and the pictures of flooded and abandoned cars were a testament to the folly and sometimes stupidity of people thinking that they could go where no one else could. Still, there have been no reports of deaths or injuries caused by the storms and flooding. So that's good.

Right now it is darkly cloudy and nasty looking out there again. I think we are in for another round of showers today. The week long forecast calls for showers nearly everyday, but not the severe kind we had over the weekend. So the prospect of the ground drying out is only a dream right now. Our lake has reappeared in the backyard larger and deeper than ever, so we anticipate the arrival of ducks any minute now. The landscape is all impossibly green and lush because of the rain, too. The lake at the cottage should be at an historical high point as well. So there are some good things to come out of the biblical event--full lakes, green everywhere and a plethora of ducks to enjoy it all with. I can think of worse things.....

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