Friday, June 13, 2008

way too wet

We got hammered again yesterday and last night with more torrential rainfalls. The onslaught has been nearly unrelenting since last week. Widespread flooding in southern and eastern Wisconsin has wreaked havoc on those areas near rivers and lakes. That is to say, all of southeastern Wisconsin.

All the local tv stations have been reporting the weather created devastation nonstop for the past couple days. Each story is worse than the last. The scenes of people desperately filling and stacking sandbags in a mostly futile attempt to save their houses is gut wrenching in its pathos. The rivers keep rising, the dams keep failing, and yet people battle on, thinking that they can beat Nature at its most unrelenting. The human spirit stays high and dry while the world all around is drowning. You have to be impressed with the fight in people while still shaking your head at the futility of the fight.

The past winter saw nearly record setting snowfalls around here and now this June has been officially declared the wetttest on record. All anyone wants right now is a boring weather forecast. Yet the prognosticators are predicting more scattered showers over the next few days. The already saturated earth can't hold anymore moisture, so there will be even more flooding before the rivers and lakes start to recede and offer a respite for the weary. All eyes are aimed skyward while curses are uttered at the approaching clouds with one breath and prayers for relief are sent heavenward with the next.

All we can do is endure. Eventually some normalcy will return.

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