Friday, October 17, 2008

trying times

I certainly don’t have any answers. Hell, I’m not even sure what the questions are. All I know is that the economy is good for crap and that I have lost a shitload (that’s one of those technical terms that economists use) of money from my retirement account. Somebody, no one knows who for sure, is selling stocks but no one else is buying them. Or something like that. And those nasty greedy bankers forced a lot of people to borrow more money than they could afford to buy houses they couldn’t afford and now everyone is in foreclosure and nearing bankruptcy. Big, presumed solid, businesses that were run by experts that we depended on to keep those businesses solvent turned out to be idiots who were simply lining their own pockets at our expense. And now we are expected to drag them out of the deep hole they have dug themselves into using tax money that most of us can’t afford to pay because those greedy bastards squandered our savings in their pyramid schemes of predatory mortgages and ill-advised investments.. It seems that anyway you look at it, we, the careful investors and savers and living-within-our-means average guys are getting screwed.

Apparently nobody was watching the bankers as they hung themselves by their fancy silk ties. That’s what the lack of government regulation and oversight will do. Thank you very much, Republicans. When left to their own devices, most bigtime CEOs and their toadies will opt for more and more profit regardless of how they acquire it. Take a bunch of dollar bills and stand them on edge leaning against each other and you will have a more solid foundation on which to build your future than those greedy manipulative assholes in their thousand dollar suits could provide. So now we are faced with a multi-billion dollar bailout scheme that is headed for nationalization of the banking industry. And, since our country can’t afford to save those morons from themselves and propagate a war that drains billions of dollars a month from our budget and meet the obligations of medicare and social security and invest in the infrastructure that is crumbling around us and provide health care for everyone and provide educational opportunities that will help keep us in the vanguard of world wide research and development and find new sources of energy that will free us from the dependence on foreign oil, we are forced by the world economy to borrow more and more money from the Chinese to meet all those obligations. Start brushing up on your Mandarin and get used to a diet of rice and chop suey because the way things are going we are all going to be wearing cone shaped hats before the dust settles.

And, oh yeah, there’s this little thing of a presidential election coming up in a couple weeks. Don’t get me started…

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