Tuesday, October 21, 2008

two weeks and counting

Two weeks and counting. That’s all we have left to endure in this current presidential campaign. It’s highly likely that those citizens who intend to vote have made up their minds and are not going to be swayed from their choice, barring some unforeseen catastrophic blunder by one of the candidates.

For some reason I have confidence that this time we will make the right choice. After all, we have just barely survived eight years of stumbling, bumbling bumpkin in the White House, so anyone other than another Mortimer Snerd would be an improvement. The biggest question then becomes, do we want a real change in the office of the President or do we want a return to the status quo of current policies?
The so-called “leadership” we have experienced under the Republicans for the past few years has shown itself to be largely ineffective and even dangerous to our national health. We can’t keep swallowing the same pill that’s proved ineffective and expect to get better.

On one side we have an elderly curmudgean hothead who insults us by choosing as his running mate the lowest common denominator among a plethora of more worthy and reasonable choices. (Perhaps if you try to put lipstick on a pig, you still have a pig. And if you put lipstick on a pitbull, you still have a vice-presidential candidate.) A candidate whose military background makes him see that avenue as the first choice in handling a crisis. A candidate who sees our military commitment to an illegal war as never ending. A candidate who thinks market forces will straighten out the economy when market forces are what got us into this mess in the first place. A candidate who wants to make sure that Big Business gets lots more tax breaks and incentives to continue its rape of the economy. A candidate who would give us a lousy $5,000 to buy health insurance when the actual cost of that health insurance is likely to be 3 times that much, and then has the audacity to tax us on that 5 grand gift. A candidate who likes to emphasize his honor and integrity and patriotism and then runs a campaign that blurs that honor by offering endless slurs and mud slinging to try to keep the focus off of his inability to address the issues. Honorable? Not hardly. Presidential? Not likely.

On the other side we have a candidate who really does bring something new to the forum. An unashamed intelligence and calm demeanor and studied approach to the problems we face are all attributes that I find refreshing and desirable in my president. While he has been characterized as elitist for that intelligence, isn’t it refreshing after 8 years of excrutiating intellectual mediocrity to know that we have a chance to try a different path? Isn’t it refreshing to have a candidate who really wants to change the status quo and has the viable plans to do so. This candidate had the good sense to choose a running mate who is in fact qualified to step up to the presidency if that should be necessary. He has a workable plan to fix the health care crisis in this country. He has a solid plan to extricate us from the mired down war in Iraq. He has a first reaction that emphasizes diplomacy over guns in foreign relations. He has an economic plan that will reward businesses that stay here and hire American workers instead of chasing after the cheap and exploited labor overseas. He has the common decency to not participate in the negative campaigning of his opponent. All these qualities and proposed solutions to our problems point to a candidate that has the makings of a truly fine President. Honor and integrity? Certainly. Presidential? Absolutely.

I don’t need to name these two candidates. You know who they are. Whether you agree or disagree with my characterizations of them, be sure to make your voice heard when the day comes to cast your vote.

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