Friday, November 21, 2008

cane box

I have accumulated a number of canes (as you are well aware from my posting pictures of them here over a period of time as they were completed), and needed a way to store a few of them instead of just leaning them against the wall. So I made this box to do just that. And since making just a simple plain box is against my nature, I made it pretty and interesting even without the canes in it.

It is made from oak, cedar, and pine and stands 24" high. The decorative organic growth extends the overall height to 38".

It accomodates a half dozen of my canes so I haven't completely solved the cane storage problem, since I currently have nearly a couple dozen of them. I may have to make several more of these boxes before I'm done. Or maybe I should just stop making canes after I complete the one that is right now standing on the workbench awaiting a finish. Stop making canes? Not going to happen, since I have several more ideas for new canes bouncing around in my head.
If you have forgotten what they all look like or are new here, you can see them here or you can click on "gallery" in the sidebar and then click on "canes."
I have been asked in the past if I sell my canes. I won't sell any of the personal canes I have since I use them on a regular basis, but I will be happy to custom make a cane for you if you arre interested. Just email me at and we can talk about it.

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