Monday, November 17, 2008

here we go again

The leaves have all finally fallen and been blown by Mother Nature or my leaf blower into the gutter for pickup by the city crew or into the neighbor’s yard and beyond. I’ve staked the edges of the driveway so when the inevitable snow starts to pile up the snowplow driver will know where the driveway is. The lawnmowers have been winterized and tucked away for the winter, the snowblowers having taken their spot in the front row, ready to go. The air has that near nip that promises worse to come. And today there are a few snow flurries in the air testing the atmosphere to see how they might survive.

If I could curl up n a nice warm cave, living off my stored up fat for the next 4 months or more, I would gladly do so. But there are no caves nearby that might accept me and I am too skinny to survive for long anyway. So the only reasonable choice is to face the coming winter with resignation and a hopeful eye out for April. I’ve done it before (too many times, actually) and I can do it again.

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