Monday, December 01, 2008

one more time

It’s December 1st, the Christmas decorations are up, the lights are lit, and the first big snowfall of the year is here, so winter has officially started.

Every year we promise ourselves that we won’t go overboard with the decorations, but once the Christmas season officially starts on the day after Thanksgiving, it seems that some genetic pulse intensifies and we break out all the old seasonal flotsam and put it in the usual places around the house, inside and out. That wouldn’t be so bad by itself—there are some treasured decorations that can’t be left hidden away—but when you start adding to the collection each year by buying something new to spruce up the décor, then eventually you have a problem. Mary is particularly susceptible to the adding syndrome. She has a decorator’s fetish about always adding something new and, to her, exciting to the mix. Yet she never throws anything old and worn out away (personally I should probably be happy about that) so the pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

We have enough Christmas trees around here to make a small forest proud. And yet, this year she managed to find a couple more that she just had to have to place on the front porch where they can add their lights to the twinkling garlands and wreath already there. Inside we have trees in a variety of sizes that seem to grow in every corner, all with their own set of lights and shiny ornaments. At sundown, when they are all turned on along with the wreaths in the windows, the Christmas village houses with their windows alit, the lighted garlands twisted around the stairway ballisters, and the many candles both lit with real fire and those that just artificially pretend, this humble little house of ours rivals the Vegas strip for excessive electrical consumption. Dark glasses are suggested but not required. And while I sort of like all the little trees with their happy shinyness, the one little tree that stands near the TV and cuts off the left side of the picture is going to feel the wrath of my chainsaw before long.

So despite all the grumbling about how much work it is to go through this decorating nonsense each year (and no small amount of cussing and swearing at those damn lights that won’t work just because one little bulb is balking), we still do it. I have to admit there is some joy to found in all the klitch, even if it is the just the satisfaction when it is all put away once again at the end of the holiday season. In the meantime we might as well enjoy our handiwork and look forward to next year when we can add some more to the collection.

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