Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Finally. Inauguration day is here. After eight years of criminal buffoonery, our country is in the hands of an intelligent and capable President.

I normally would not spend a lot of time watching an inauguration (in fact, I can’t remember the last one I paid any attention to), but today I was riveted to the TV, wanting to experience this historical event. Obama’s speech was moving, eloquent, and even profound at times. I can’t help this feeling of great anticipation for what he can do for our country. And judging from the reactions of people all around the country, I’m not alone in my confidence in the future.

I have to admit to having to stifle some emotion during the swearing-in ceremony. But I could barely keep from outright cheering when Dubya got on that helicopter that hauled his sorry ass back to Texas. Finally. If we never hear from him again it will be too soon.

So now we are finally embarking on the promised road to change. It will be a tough road with plenty of potholes along the way and with more than a few forks in the road. But we have been wandering off the road for so long now that just staying on the road to progress is going to be an improvement. The future is looking bright. I feel good.


Michael Manning said...

Stopped by to say Best to You in 2009!!!:)

Carrie said...

This inauguration was interesting in that everyone wanted to experience it with others. It was truly a national event. That alone portends great things.