Tuesday, January 06, 2009

for the new year

The new year can be a challenge, an opportunity, or an exhaustion. So much depends on the attitude we bring to the new year and what our expectations are. Setting our sights too high can make the challenge we set for ourselves less of an opportunity and more a dive into the sinkhole of exhaustion.

That is why making new year’s resolutions is generally an exercise in frustration. The good intentions that form the basis for those resolutions set us up for the guilt that comes when we fail to uphold the promises we made. And as an adjunct to the whole resolution idea, it is always a good idea to keep those resolutions to yourself and not announce your intentions publicly. Public failure can be so much more painful than the private one you only have to acknowledge to yourself.

Why do we even feel the need to make those new year resolutions in the first place. Think about it—if we strive to live our lives as well as we possibly can every day of our lives, then we should have no need to try to remake ourselves every time the new year rolls around. If we are already living to the fullest, then there is no room for meaningless promises.

So while we should challenge ourselves everyday by taking advantage of the opportunities that come our way, there is really no need to add to the burden of daily living by laying on a layer of resolutions. Just live well and be satisfied with where you are and you will end up where you should be.

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