Tuesday, February 03, 2009

let there be light

My wife, Mary is fortunate in that anytime she wants a piece of furniture or some redecorating done around the house, she merely has to threaten to go out and buy what she wants. She uses that old psychological ploy knowing that I will insist on making whatever it is she wants. I feel used and manipulated. Nevertheless, she gets what she wants more often than not.

A couple weeks ago she started thinking out loud, within my hearing range, about how a new floor lamp was just what she needed to finish off a corner that she had just manipulated me into repainting. Not just any floor lamp--specifically a Craftsman style lamp. She was mumbling about what a good buy she had seen in some catalog and how she would order it the next day. Naturally all that was a scheme to get me to make her that lamp. She knows I hate to buy anything I am capable of making. The other part of her scheme is to insist that she needs that lamp RIGHT NOW so that I will jump right to it lest she makes good on her threat to buy. Man, am I easy.

So here it is. Fresh out of the workshop. Turned out well. She seems to be happy with it. But she has already started mumbling something about the bedrooms needing some work.....

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