Tuesday, February 17, 2009

winter doldrums

It’s that time of year again, the neither/nor time of in between. It’s’ neither warm nor particularly cold. Winter seems to be winding down, but Spring hasn’t quite taken over yet. The ground is thawed enough that the sump pump is running, yet there are still the dregs of dirty gray snow lining the driveway where the sun doesn’t shine.

We can see the grass although it is far from green, looking mashed down and forlornly brownish. There are, of course, no buds on the trees yet, but the branches look to be a healthy reddish hue that comes just before the burst of life.

I want to go outside and start cleaning up the yard, picking up fallen branches and other detritus that somehow accumulates under the snow. But I know it is too early for that and I would simply be wasting my time. There is undoubtedly more snow in our winter’s endgame, so it is best to wait for yard cleanup until we are reasonably sure that the effort will be noticed.

Being stuck in the house at this time of year creates a lethargy that is hard to get past. I want to pick up a golf club and swing it with real intent, but t isn’t quite time for that yet. I’d like to inflate my bicycle’s tires and roll down the road for a bit, but the prospect of the resulting wind chill brings me to my senses. I want to fire up the lawnmower and attack the overgrown grass, but the grass hasn’t started to grow yet and certainly isn’t overgrown. The anticipation is nearly crippling. Even though I can’t get outside and do those things that can only be done outside, I still find it hard to get busy inside to make the time pass more quickly. I feel like I’m in the starting blocks waiting for the gun to sound and the race to start.

The weather tease we’ve had over the past couple weeks—mild temps and lots of sunshine—is actually worse than repeated snowfalls that winter should bring because we know that it can’t last. I think I would rather have a full blown snow bombardment twice a week to remind me that this is the winter season and it should be more white than gray/brown. I think I would prefer that the snowcover lasts until one glorious week of fast and furious thaw leading into a sudden blast of green all around. This transition period is not cutting it with me. I can see the appeal and beauty of hibernation. Maybe if I go take a nap I will awaken to the world I want to see. Spring can’t come soon enough

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