Sunday, March 22, 2009

still sore

It's been four days now since screwing up my back and I still want to scream vile obscenities every time I try to get up or sit down. The muscle relaxant drug prescribed may or may not be working (how would I know? how much worse would it be if I wasn't taking them?). I can't bend over at all. Simple movements that we take for granted are beyond my capabilities right now.
Thank goodness that there were many basketball games to watch over the weekend or I would have gone crazy, staring into space because I can't move or do anything.

One odd result so far from taking the muscle relaxant drug is that my PD tremors have subsided considerably. Mary noticed right away that my usual trembling hands were resting quietly instead of pounding away on the chair arm or shaking the newspaper while trying to read it. Are muscle relaxant drugs a suitable treatment for PD? Or do they simply mask the symptoms without treating the cause. That is a question I will have for my doctor the next time I see him.

One good thing is that my blood pressure has returned to near normal now that my two teams have been eliminated from the NCAA tournament. Wisconsin and Marquette both went down today so my blood pressure quickly followed. Now I can watch the remainder of the tournament without all the shouting and handwringing and threats of mayhem against the opponents and the questioning of their ancestry while throwing anything handy at the TV. I have to get back to normal before the tournament ends or you'll have to lock me in padded room, although the padding would be superfluous since i can't freakin move.

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