Saturday, April 18, 2009

once again

I love these beautiful spring days when the temperature hovers around 70 in the newly brightened sunshine. You can almost see the buds popping on all the trees, imagining them making popcorn sounds as they appear. The shrubs all have that faint greenish tinge that shimmers in the sunshine. The little reddish shoots of the Peonies seem so fragile and tender in their first tentative appearance, but the Daylillies are far more aggressive, standing several inches high already. With a little rain over the next few days the grass will need its first cutting and the Hostas should poke through the mulch. The overall fecund smell of the season promises an overall greening of the landscape before we even realize it’s happening. The Mourning Doves have returned to their nesting place in the Barberry and a pair of cardinals are industriously building a nest in the evergreen on the side of the deck.

This past week we ventured north to the lake cottage to get that place opened for the coming warm season. We had driven there about six weeks ago just to check on the place and had to don boots and wield snow shovels just to get into the driveway where a good foot of snow still lingered. That was hard to recall this week with the grass greening up and the lake shimmering iceless. It seemed too soon to hear the raucous full-throated croaking frogs in the wetland across the road, but they were already celebrating spring with their joyous chorus. The ducks had returned as well and were busy sticking their tail feathers in the air as they dove for goodies beneath the surface. The resident otter swam by in the early evening on his way to reinhabiting his hidden lair somewhere along the shoreline.

Everything seems to be in order one more time. No matter what the world is experiencing, springtime is inevitable and heartening in its constancy from year to year. Whatever else seems to be garnering our attention, you can’t help but feel hope in the yearly renewal that is Spring.

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