Wednesday, July 15, 2009

getting caught up

I’ve been finding it difficult to find the time to post here on any kind of regular basis. There always seems to be too many other things to do first. Of course, being at the lake most of the time during the summer where we have no convenient internet service available (the local library is ground zero for the internet) makes keeping up all that much more of an effort. We stay at the cottage for ten days or so, get home for maybe three days to collect the mail (bills still have to be paid), do the laundry, cut the grass, and take care of various other mundane doings that crop up, and then head back to the lake for another extended stay. Somehow posting to this blog gets shunted aside more often than not.

But this time home I did have time to take some pictures of recent work that I managed to complete along the way, and get them posted over at or click on "gallery" in the sidebar. So if you feel so inclined, go over there to take a look.

During the summer I get precious little time to spend in my workshop and I miss that a lot. But on these beautiful summer days I feel guilty about being down in the shop instead of outside enjoying the weather. Maybe I will have to move the shop out to the garage, or better yet, move it all up to the cottage so that I can have the best of all possible worlds. Then again, maybe I should just cut the whining.

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Michael Manning said...

I understand Bob. I have manuscripts that ebb and flow because the summer is so nice. Once the season's change, I have a feeling you will find the perfect shop time!