Wednesday, July 01, 2009

summer so far

It’s been awhile since I last visited this venue. It seems that circumstances and inclination have prevented my regular posting here. That, and the advent of summer, when the outdoors calls, have taken me away.

As the fourth of July approaches, we find the summer rapidly slipping away. It seems as though it has just started and already we are counting the warm days that are left. Today it feels more like September with fall like temps in the 60’s and cloudy skies giving the lie to the term summer. Although just a few days ago we suffered through a bout of stifling heat and humidity, those days are quickly forgotten with each shift of the wind.

Here at the lake I know that summer can’t have progressed too far since I have yet to get on my bicycle for a meaningful ride or taken the kayak out of the boathouse for a leasurely paddle along the shoreline looking for the elusive heron who struts in the shallows. We’ve had only one campfire in the underused firepit and stargazed late into the evening on only one clear night. I’ve even managed to avoid the golf course with startling regularity, when in past summers I would have played 3-4 times a week. It seems that everything is in slow motion these days, getting started with halting steps much like the Parkinsons that rules my days.

At least we have a visit from our daughter next week to look forward to. We haven’t seen her in a year, so those few days will be precious memory builders for the next year until we can enjoy each other in person once again. With her living in Oakland it isn’t like we can just hop in the car and drive across town for lunch. So these many months of separation are endured knowing that we’ll reconnect again if we are patient.

Having spent the majority of our days since early June here at the lake, I have sacrificed precious time in my workshop at home. I miss those creative hours amidst the sawdust and tools. I feel somehow diminished for not being able to manipulate a chunk of wood into something useful, evocative and sometimes beautiful. That corner of my brain is getting too much rest. I need a workshop fix soon. Before the reality of summer away from home and workshop set in, I did manage to finish several small projects in the shop. I will have pictures to share one of these days when circumstances allow.

Until then, summer still has a few days left to get on track. Of course, just as soon as I get a feel for the season, it will be time to contemplate the use of the snowblower. Where does the time go………

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