Monday, September 07, 2009

they weren't kidding

Some friends invited us for dinner this evening. Not unusual as far as invitations go. The reason for the invitation was my expressed skepticism about their purported method of cooking chicken. They had something to prove.

Awhile back--I forget the circumstance--the conversation at another getogether happened to hit on their method of grilling a whole chicken on the grill. They claimed straightfaced that they would prop the whole chicken on end and stuff a beer can up the chickens butt and cook the chicken with said beer can--full of course with beer--in place. I, of course, figured they were blowing smoke up my butt by making such a claim and so I dared them to prove it.

And so they did. I took pictures just in case there are skeptics like me who need hard photographic evidence to belive it.

Apparently there is a whole book devoted to the cooking of chickens and other foodstuffs with a beer can being central to the success of the process. Who knew? I'm not only convinced that it is possible, but quite pleased with the result.

Oh yeah, the chicken was delicious.

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Michael Manning said...

Emeril Lagasse look out! Good to stop by here. Bob! :)