Friday, October 16, 2009

twin seasons

It’s been a dreary week. Cold wet and windy. Not a nice Autumn so far.
Have you ever noticed that this season is the only one with two names? Autumn and Fall. That’s probably because the season has a split personality.

I think of Autumn as embodying all the best of the season. Warm sunshiney days with gentile breezes rustling the brilliantly colored leaves. Pumpkins decorating front porches. Corn stalks gathered in bunches around lightposts. Autumn is a season of celebrating the harvest and slowly shutting down our outdoor activities in preparation for the coming Winter.

Fall, on the other hand is the evil twin. Temperatures fall precipitously off the cliff of Summer’s plateau. The nasty winds tear the turning leaves from their branches with wrenching force. The cold rains mat those leaves on the ground, smothering whatever lies beneath them. The flowers wilt and die from the too early frost. The days get shorter and shorter forcing us inside before we really want to be. Every now and then, Fall will shock us with a snow fall that is a harsh reminder to get the lawnmowers put away and the snowblowers gassed up.

With Autumn comes the optimistic days of Indian summer. Fall hammers us with the harsh, pessimistic realities of the northern winds.

Is it Summer yet?

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Michael Manning said...

I would have to agree with you, Bob! But out here in the desert, I have a different experience. Still, I have heard many nice things about your State and hope to visit someday!