Thursday, October 08, 2009

workshop output

I haven't been sitting idle despite the fact that I have been negligent in posting here lately. I just seem to be too busy creating sawdust to take the time to keep caught up here. I have pictures to prove that I have been busy.

I've been doing bottles lately, using glued-up blanks made from the scraps of wood that are leftover from other projects. I hate wasting all those pieces that accumulate so I make blocks that then can be turned into something. In this case , bottles.

This bottle is capped with maple. I stands about 8" high and is made from maple and bubinga.

This piece is made from walnut with maple stripes. It is also about 8" high.

This 6" bottle is made from a variety of wood pieces slavaged from the scrap pile. It shows that there is always something that can be done with the leftovers besides trashing them.

There are quite a few more pieces coming out of the workshop. I will eventually get around to sharing them here, but if you can't wait, then click on "gallery" in the sidebar to get an up to date look at what I've been doing.

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