Thursday, January 28, 2010

time flies

Time flies when you’re having fun. And when you are not having so much fun as well. Time does seem to flow by faster with each passing year. With the arrival of another birthday, all I can say is, “Already?”

While heating a cup of coffee in the microwave this morning, I was struck by how frivolously we squander little bits of time without a second thought. I stood there watching the seconds of my life tick off, counted down by the microwave timer. How often have I done that in the past? How many days of accumulated microwave watching have I allowed to slip away unnoticed?
Waiting for the red light to change to green is another sliver of time that gets away while our minds wander aimlessly. If there is no traffic coming why not just run the light and save those 5 seconds to be used more productively somewhere else. How often have I picked the slowest checkout line at the supermarket? How many hours of lost time have accumulated there? I don’t want to really think about it, but once start I can’t stop thinking about all the little bits of time that have escaped before I realize what has happened.

If I have a slightly above average life span and live to celebrate my 80th birthday, I have only 18 more years to go. Not a lot of time. I tell my two children, both married and still delaying the grand child production I’m looking forward to, that if they don’t start pretty soon, I won’t be around to see my grandchild graduate from high school. They don’t seem to grasp the urgency that weighs on me.

So here today, as I celebrate my 62nd birthday, I can only hope that I don’t allow too much more time to pass, wasted and unnoticed. I don’t really like to think of another birthday as cause for celebration, since it is really one more step on the ever quickening journey to the end. I’m ready to stop keeping track and start using more of those precious moments that are still there for me. Stop counting already.

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