Tuesday, March 09, 2010

from the shop

I have been spending a lot of good quality time in the shop over the dreary winter months. It seems crazy, but I almost wish that winter would last a bit longer just so I don't feel guilty about spending so much time satisfying my creative urges. Once the weather warms up, I spend a lot more time outside and a lot less time in the shop. So I feel like I need to get as much done now as I can. The golf course awaits and my bicycle is begging to go. That means less time for shopwork.

To prove that I've been as busy as I claim, here are a couple pictures of a shallow bowl I just completed. It is made from curly maple with a stripe of various woods. There are actually two more very similar bowls of different sizes that almost seem like a set, although that was not my intention. To see those other two bowls and a lot of other turnings I recently completed, click on "gallery" in the sidebar.

I have 8 or 9 more curly maple blanks prepared for turning just waiting to get on the lathe. I better get to work before the warm weather arrives.

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Hayden said...

Humm. I wish winter would have lasted longer because now that spring is here I'm in a flurry of WORK! The quiet ruminating of winter is/was lovely.