Saturday, March 27, 2010

spring has sprung

Spring is officially here. I know this because I just spent several hundred dollars getting the seasonal equipment ready and functional. The lawn tractor has been tuned up (to the tune of $216) and my bicycle has also been tuned up (to another $128 tune). The golf clubs have their springtime shine. I have put away the winter jackets and gloves and hats and scarves.
The snow shovels are stashed back into a corner of the garage.

Each day of sunshine gets us closer to the trees budding and the daffodils and tulips pushing up. I love this time of year when everything is new again.

Of course just about the time we think we are deep into springtime and winter is but an unpleasant memory, the inevitable spring snow storm will kick us back to reality. We have had big snows as late as May around this part of Wisconsin, so that nagging feeling that we aren’t quite out of the danger zone is lurking in the back of our minds.

But right now the sun is shining, the ground is soft, the smell of new growth is wafting from the grass and I refuse to let the possibility of a freak snow storm ruin the mood. I’m ready.

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