Monday, October 04, 2010

day 1

Air Tran sure knows how to pack em in. Our flight was full, every seat taken. The seating was tight and then some. I’m only 5’9” and I felt the squeeze. Anyone with longer legs would be in deep trouble. The flight itself was smooth and uneventful (thankfully), but the physical comfort level was nearly excruciating. Four hours in the air in a cramped seat with a bad sciatic nerve and some PD tremors and stiffness made for a very long four hours. But we made it here to Seattle right on time ready to explore.

After getting the rental car from Fox (a Chrysler 300) and the GPS on the road, we found our hotel, checked in, and then set out to see what we could see. Our hotel is the Comfort Suites that is only 4 blocks from the city center. Very convenient location and the hotel itself is quite nice. It even has secure underground parking at no extra cost. I can highly recommend it.
From what we saw so far today, Seattle is a vibrant, busy city with lots of big hills. We drove around just to get acquainted (the GPS was invaluable in moving around the city), stopped in several parks (Kerry, Gas Works, Sculpture) to check out the view of Puget Sound and the surrounding mountains. We made note of those places we want to see more of so tomorrow we have a more definite itinerary. Tomorrow looks like full day here before we start heading south.

This is me looking out over Puget Sound at the Seattle skyline from Kerry Park. It was quite cold and windy.

This one of the sculptures (a Calder) in the waterfront sculpture park. This park is a great way to use the waterfront land that would otherwise be wasted.

Here's Mary at the Gasworks Park. This is a former gas utility that is no longer functional so the city turned it into a rather unique park. It has an otherworldly feel about it.

Tomorrow we will spend some time at Pike Market and check out some of the neighborhoods in Seattle.

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HIO Golf Doctor said...

Great pictures of the puget sound! I have been working with parkinson's patients for awhile now and I always love to see people getting the most out of life!