Wednesday, October 06, 2010

day 2

Today we spent the morning through the lunch hour at the Pike Market which is one huge bazaar of artisans and florists and farmers and fishmongers and merchants selling anything you could possibly need and a lot of stuff you don't. It's an exciting place to wander watching people and marveling at all the stuff. Decent prices too. We did buy a couple baby gifts for our first grandchild (due in March) and Mary found a silver bracelet she just had to have. I didn't buy anything because I'm too cheap.

Here are a few pictures to prove we were there.

This is us with Rachel the pig who is apparently the hostess/mascot of the market.

This fish looks somewhat surprised to find itself on ice.

Some very tasty looking peppers.

We had lunch at a restaurant in the market at a table overlooking the harbor which we shared with a couple of local women who were enjoying a day out. They were full of interesting information about their city and acted as our tour guides, telling us where to go and what to see. When we left them we headed for the arboretum to see if it measured up to others we have seen. We weren't disappointed. The arboretum is near to the University of Washington campus so we took the opportunity to drive through the campus. It looks pretty much like every other college campus you have ever seen. It was getting on to late afternoon by that time and we still wanted to visit Alki Beach which our lunch companions insisted we see. But first we took a little detour to find the local troll. Why? Who can explain such things.

Alki Beach is an area directly across the Sound from downtown Seattle. It is a popular place for walkers and runners and skaters and families playing in the sand. We walked for a way along the beach and admired the views of the water and mountains and cityscape. Even though it was quite windy and cool, we enjoyed the chance to just sit and relax for awhile before heading back to the city for dinner. Here is one of the views back at the city.

Your intrepid travelers at Alki Beach.

We finished our day with dinner at Ivars, a restaurant well known for its seafood. We had a wonderful relaxing dinner with a bottle of wine (which we finished off with no problem), which was served by a young lady from Green Bay. So of course we had to talk Packers for awhile. The Seattle Seahawks place a distant second in her affections. It just goes to show that no matter where you are, there will be a Packer fan standing next to you.

As we left the restaurant, Mary bought a take out order of fish and chips to give to a homeless woman we had seen on our way to dinner. She does stuff like that. No wonder I love her.

Tomorrow we hit the road. And, no, we did not go up in the Space Needle. Too kitchy for me.

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