Wednesday, October 13, 2010

day 5

We finally set off for the coast eagerly anticipating the promised spectacular scenery. The day was spent with short drives between stops at scenic overlooks along the way. I don’t think we spent more than 20 minutes driving between stops all day. And every stop provided another memorable view of the ocean and its waves crashing against the rocky shore.
This is an area called Pistol River. The sand dunes are atypical of the usual rocky shoreline which we found particularly beautiful.

Here we are resting on the sand at Pistol River.

We stopped for lunch at a small park where we could enjoy the view while we enjoyed our lunch.

Here are some of the scenery we experienced along the way. The pictures don’t really do the natural wonders justice.

The Oregon coast is the most undeveloped and unspoiled coast in the country. Not a billboard in sight. The only ugly spot we found along the way was when we stopped in Coos Bay for the night. Coos Bay is ugly. But it had the hotel we needed for the night so we kept our eyes closed until dark and then remembered all the beautiful sights we found along the way.

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