Friday, October 15, 2010

day 6

We continued our journey south along the Oregon coast stopping frequently along the way at the many scenic overlooks. Frankly, we kind of lost track of where we were and what we were seeing. The Pacific Ocean is very big and looks pretty much the same from all the different vantage points. Seen one rock formation you’ve seen them all. Seen one wave crashing on the shore you’ve seen them all. Still every time we stopped to look again that same feeling of insignificance showed up like the morning mist.

We got away from the coastline for a short while and passed a sign for Bandon Dunes. Any serious golfer (and I count myself among that group) knows the name and reputation of Bandon Dunes. I didn’t realize we would be passing it and after seeing the sign I kept on driving down the road without thinking. After a couple miles it suddenly dawned on me that I might never get this way again and I was missing the chance to see one of the great golf courses in the country. So I turned around (Mary didn’t object. She actually encourages my golf addiction) and headed back. We drove the long entry road seeing bits and pieces of the several courses that make up the Bandon Dunes resort until we arrived at the clubhouse. The place was bustling with a couple of busloads of arriving golfers. Of course, the facilities were first rate. We stopped in the pro shop and browsed around until I decided to buy a couple of caps, one for me and one for my son who shares my golf jones. Obviously I wished I could actually play a round of golf there but that will remain the stuff of dreams. I do have a Bandon Dunes hat to prove I was there though.

By mid afternoon we arrived a Brookings, a town just north of the California border. We didn’t have reservations anywhere so just on a whim we stopped at a hotel that bragged about being right on the beach. We were very glad we stopped. We got a room that looked out on the beach so that we could watch the sunset. Being only about a hundred yards from the surf meant we were serenaded by the waves as they punished the beach. It is a mesmerizing sound, one that will lull you to sleep. We slept well with that lullaby caressing our ears.
Here’s the view from our room and the sunset we were treated to.

We uncorked a bottle of wine and toasted Mother Nature’s beauty.

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