Tuesday, October 26, 2010

day 9

We drove through the central valley from Reddings to Napa in 103 degree temps most of the way. By now we were getting tired of traveling and just wanted to get to Oakland and our daughter.

We’ve been to Napa before so we didn’t feel the need to stop at any of the hoity-toity wineries and get our snob level enhanced. We are avowed wine drinkers, never without a corkscrew. But the ostentation of some of the wineries in the Napa Valley is very off-putting to us.. Some of them give you the feeling that you are entering a sacred cathedral or a holy cloister. It’s just wine people. Crushed and fermented grapes. Fruit juice. Drink it and enjoy and get over yourselves.

Anyway, we stopped briefly for lunch in Napa and then hit the road again for the short drive to Oakland, arriving in mid-afternoon to lots of hugs. Our driving vacation adventure came to an end, but we still had three days to spend with Carrie and Jeremy. Carrie is pregnant with our first grandchild so it was special to see her developing pregnancy and to share such an exciting time. But after three days it was definitely time to get home. I was traveled out and ready to sleep in my own bed again. I needed a workshop fix, I needed a lawn cutting fix, I needed to hold a newspaper and actually read it, and I needed to sit in my recliner and watch some football and baseball.

After another very crowded but otherwise routine flight we arrived back in Milwaukee. Home never looked so good. Mary is already planning our next excursion to somewhere. I’m ignoring her as best I can.

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