Wednesday, November 03, 2010

dark ages revisited

Woke up this morning to dark ominous clouds filling the sky. It was a cold and dreary morning, which fit my mood on this day after the election. Metaphorically speaking, those clouds represented my feelings of dread and despair. I can’t escape the feeling that we are entering a new dark age of rampant deregulation and mismanagement at the hands if the Republican winners.

After two months of the dirty campaigning of innuendos, misstatements, distortions, and outright lies (admittedly by both sides), we are now left with the dire consequences of the election. The Republicans would have us believe that the stalled economy, the desperate real estate market, the high jobless rate, the exodus of jobs to foreign lands, the banking and industrial bailouts, and the myriad of other problems are the result of the past two years of the Obama administration when the Democrats inherited those problems from the cesspool that was the last Bush administration. How quickly the electorate can forget that miasma of mismanagement that we so wanted to leave behind us two years ago.

So now the empty rhetoric of the campaign echoing in our ears has become the rallying cry of the new conservatism. Under the guise of fiscal responsibility, the new order will turn back the clock and reinstitute the big business tax breaks and the gaping tax loopholes that nourish the greed of the haves at the expense of the have-nots. The tax burden will again weigh down the already overburdened middle class while those who can afford to pay will slip past the tax collector. Affordable health care will once again become the oxymoron that it was before the recent attempts to lift us out of the reach of the insurance companies. And if you thought that the new Republican House majority is a breath of fresh air, don’t be surprised when the stink of the Republican jackels feeding on the carrion of the body politic becomes overwhelming.

Our only hope is that the Republicans will spend so much time and effort patting themselves on the back that they will fail to notice how they are once again screwing up the country. In two years we have the opportunity to return to sanity. I can hardly wait.

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