Thursday, January 13, 2011

therapy toys

I had an interesting occupational therapy session today. Occupational therapy is concerned with practicing everyday skills. It’s surprising how difficult it can become to use a pen to sign your name or to walk and carry something at the same time or even type on a computer keyboard when Parkinsons Disease is in play. So occupational therapy addresses those everyday skills with exercises that help to retrieve and hone those skills. Those exercises can take some interesting turns and use some interesting tools in practicing those skills. And, of course, the more fun the exercises are the more likely the patient is to do them.

So today, Bill the therapist plugged in the most fun tool he had, the Wii game system. He had me boxing, playing tennis, bowling, and playing golf all in the name of therapy. I surprised myself with my ability to perform credibly in all those games. And it was great fun. I hated to see the session end. I enjoyed it so much that as soon as I got home I logged on to Amazon and ordered my very own Wii.

I justify the purchase two ways. First, the therapeutic value is obvious and I am more likely to continue practicing on my own with such motivation. Secondly, my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and I deserve a really cool present. Now I am like a little kid on Christmas eve waiting for my new toy to arrive. I can’t wait to continue my therapy.

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