Tuesday, January 04, 2011

therapy update

Having been involved in physical, occupational, and speech therapy for two weeks now, I have realized some real improvement in my overall physical and even mental condition. At first I was skeptical that I would see any substantial change over the course of treatment, but now after only two weeks and several sessions with each therapist, I am convinced of their efficacy. Physically the change is easy to quantify. Mentally is a more ephemeral measurement, but the fact that I feel more confident in my ability to function is a definite improvement.

Parkinsons Disease is an insidious invader of your physical wellbeing, sneaking up on you slowly until, before you know it, you are incapacitated in ways that you never imagined. The physical aspects are the first indications that something is amiss. The mental aspects come later when you begin to ask “why.” Once you are aware of the need for physical treatment it is a fairly straightforward regimen of medication and exercise that helps to control the progression of the disease. Much more difficult to treat is the mental aspect of knowing you have to deal with having a chronic disease.

With the physical therapies providing a way to improve coping skills, the mental aspect becomes more positive as well. At least that has been my recent experience with the course of treatment I am getting. As I become more physically capable, my mental outlook is improving. The physical therapy has improved my balance and walking and relieved some of the muscle rigidity that plagues PD patients. With that improved balance and walking ability comes a more confident attitude. That mental enhancement is more valuable than I thought possible. I find that I can’t wait for the next therapy session and the improvements that are bound to follow.

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