Wednesday, February 23, 2011

catching up

Winter is usually the most productive time for me in the workshop, but this year has been an exception. For whatever reason I have spent less time than usual working in the shop the past few months. I seem to be going through a fallow period as far as creative energy is involved. But still, I have managed to finish a few small things without really trying.

These pictures are of a few small pieces that are made of a variety of glued up scraps found lying around the workbench.

These twig vases range from about 3" to 8" high.

These miniatures are about 3" high.

This little plate is only about 6" diameter. It is made of walnut, maple, and mahogany.

I do have several ideas for sculptures that I want to get to. I just need to stir up the motivation to get at them. Maybe if I can stop shoveling snow every other day I'll have the energy to apply to the workshop. Check back here occasionally to see how successful I am.

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