Friday, February 18, 2011

in memoriam

Usually when we attend a funeral there are tears and sadness. The departed is spoken of in awed whispers and with a sometimes exaggerated holiness that wouldn’t necessarily have applied when he was still alive. We always want to think the best of our deceased love one, even if it means glossing over the less desirably traits he exhibited through the years.
This evening, though, we attended a funeral that was not so much a funeral as a great party thrown by a dead guy. There were no tears that I saw. There was an open bar and that kept the party atmosphere going. There was a buffet for the hungry. There was a lot of laughter and loud conversation. There were displays of photos and captions that captured the irreverent attitude and outlook that Tom exhibited throughout his 68 years. And while he wasn’t present among us physically anymore, his spirit most definitely was the catalyst that ruled the party. What great way to be remembered.
And while Tom’s somewhat cynical outlook was well known, he had a very decent and understanding feel for human nature. The one thing he said that exemplifies his nature was “You don’t have to love your neighbor. Just be decent.” So celebrate Tom's life along with his friends and family and hoist a glass of your favorite beverage in his honor and be decent to one another.

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