Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I have to admit that two months ago I had written off the season. No way, I figured, could they win their last two regular season games to make the playoffs, let alone win three playoff games to get to the Super Bowl and then actually win the Super Bowl. No self respecting Packer fan would have been so skeptical about the team’s ability to win when they absolutely had to. Forgive me. I will never doubt them again.

For some reason this year’s win in the Super Bowl was so much more exciting and meaningful than the others. I grew up in the sixties living and dying with every Packer game. The first two Super Bowls ever played in the sixties cemented the Packers dynasty as the standard for all teams that came after that. I remember those two games like they happened yesterday. Then of course I suffered along with the losing teams of the seventies and eighties, wondering if the Packers would ever return to glory. The nineties and the Brett Favre era brought another Super Bowl win and a loss in the Super Bowl, but at least we felt like we could compete on that level again. However, those two Super Bowl appearances for some reason never really resonated with me. I never bought any memorabilia from those games to remind me of them. In fact for a die hard Packer fan, I have no Packer “stuff” at all. Never did.

How things change. This year’s Super Bowl just had a special quality about it. It must be the way the team persevered through all the injuries and close losses and then winning out when the season was on the brink. They just came through every game when they absolutely had to win. I guess the unexpected result of the season is what made it so special and endearing. I know this Super Bowl is much more special to me because I now have two shirts, a hat, and a mug all commemorating the accomplishment. Now I really feel like a proper Packer fan because I now have some “stuff.”

Now they will just have to do it again next season. I need an excuse to get more “stuff.”

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