Friday, April 22, 2011


We woke this morning to another cold, windy, and rainy day just like 15 of the past 22 days. This is getting old now. This Spring has been one of the worst on record as far as temperatures and precipitation go. Usually by this third week of April I have fertilized the lawn and cut it a couple times. I haven’t done either of those yet. By now we have been to the lake and opened the cottage for the season. We haven’t bothered to even think about that yet since there was a snowstorm earlier this week that dumped 8” of snow there. I normally would have played a half dozen rounds of golf so far, but I haven’t even swung a club yet with any real intention.

All this foul weather has bred some foul attitudes and dispositions around here. We’ve been mostly housebound for the past month—not actually stuck in the house but reluctant to venture out in the cold and wind and rain. There are just the two of us in the house and yet we seem to be constantly in each other’s way. She allows the slightest transgression or perceived wrong to get blown way out of proportion. I’ve been accused of such heinous crimes—the toilet seat in the wrong position, failing to turn the coffee pot off, allowing the kitchen garbage to nearly overflow—that you would expect an imminent divorce if not outright murder. I am not without fault though either. I sit at the kitchen breakfast counter nursing a cup of tepid coffee, mumbling mostly incomprehensible imprecations in her direction. I still have the good sense to nod in agreement with anything she says even though I don’t actually hear most of what she says.

We desperately need a few days of sunshine so we can get out of the house and out of each other’s way. We need some spring sunshine so I can tend my lawn and swing a golf club. And we need it soon. Our marriage is on the line.

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Trevor said...

Hey Bob,

Love your blog. It's upbeat and fun and positive. Nice!

I've got several friends with PD, and have recently found a few blogs that have helped me understand what their experiences (all so different) are like. Here's one. Take a look when you can.

I'll bet it's sunny and warm there today. And soon, we'll ALL be complaining about the summer heat!

Best wishes,