Friday, April 01, 2011

PD and massage

I missed my weekly massage this week and I’m feeling it. About three months ago I started getting a massage each week as a kind of therapy to help me stay more flexible and be less rigid and achy.

Parkinson Disease typically affects the PD patient’s muscles because we tend to ignore our physical fitness. It is just so damn hard to exercise when you have trouble moving normally. Exercise becomes too difficult, too much of a chore. Consequently our muscles get weaker and less flexible. Often you will see a PD person shuffling along, stooped over forward, unable to stand up straight because of those weakened and inflexible muscles.

I vowed that I wouldn’t let that happen to me. I exercise diligently every day, usually for an hour or so. I have a regular routine that includes the treadmill, the stationary bike, weight training, and stretching. In summer I ride my bicycle and play a lot of golf. In the inclement winter months I also use the Wii game system to provide some variety in the routine.

And then I added the regular massage to the routine and found it to be very beneficial. The first several weeks I didn’t notice any significant long lasting effects from the hour long massage. But then one day I realized that I no longer had the chronic aches and pains that had become so much of my life. I found it easier everyday to get into the exercise routine because I wasn’t so stiff and sore all the time. So this week when I couldn’t get my regular massage, I noticed the tightening of some of those muscles again. I don’t have any chronic aches yet again, but next week’s scheduled massage can’t get here soon enough.

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