Monday, June 13, 2011

weather or not

I know that talking about the weather is boring. Almost any other topic would be more interesting most of the time. There is nothing we can do to change the weather, so whining and complaining about it is particularly useless. Still, we persist in raising the topic of the weather as though it was the most important thing affecting our lives. Sometimes it is.

Just this week we’ve experienced some ridiculously extreme weather that has us confused about what season this is. Two days ago we were baking in near 100 degree temperatures that had us sweating just from breathing. Then in the space of a few hours we were bundling up to withstand temps in the 40’s. Rain and more rain has the grass growing so fast you can almost see it. The wind never seems to slow down enough to call it a breeze.

I know we are fortunate that we haven’t been hammered by a tornado as so much of the country has been in the past few weeks. So my complaining about temps and winds and rain seems rather petty. But we all know that what affects us most is what we are experiencing right here and now. The travails of others, while raising empathetic feelings in us, are really more abstract than real when we see them second hand on the evening news. The thunderstorm that rattles our windows and pounds our roofs takes precedence over the storm damage and flooding experienced by those poor souls we see on the news.

So I’m questioning just where all this extreme weather is coming from. The global warming advocates give a convincing argument for that phenomenon being responsible for the blast of bad weather. El Nino seems to get a lot of fingers pointing at it as the main instigater of our rash of heavy rains and high winds and ridiculous temperature changes. I suppose weather scientists can come up with logical explanations for all we’ve been experiencing, but I tend to think more along the lines of “bad karma” being at the bottom of all this.

I really think the weather gods are just pissed at me for all my vociferous whining and complaining about how they screwed up Spring this year. So we are being punished for my outspoken criticism. It’s because of me that we go from dressing (or undressing) for tropical heat and humidity one day to having to bundle up like a roustabout on a North Sea oil rig in winter the next.

Go ahead, blame me. I can take it. After all, taking the blame can’t be any worse than putting up with the crappy weather. And I’m getting used to that.

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