Monday, August 15, 2011


She’s home. Finally. Life is back to normal now that Mary is back to normal after her month in California spoiling our new grandson. She has been home for two whole days. And I’m already offering to send her back.

She is smothering me. She is monitoring my every move. She is supervising everything I do. And she is telling me what to do just in case I’m incapable of deciding for myself what I need to do. She scolds me for working too hard cutting the grass and trimming the bushes. She reminds me to take a nap so that I don’t get too worn out. She is constantly reminding me to take my meds. She’s even monitoring my email so that I won’t miss any important messages. You know, normal.

I know I said I missed her while she was gone. But I my brain must have been filtering all that stuff. Yes, I love her dearly, but I’m checking airfares.

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