Tuesday, December 06, 2011

and then there were two

For awhile we despaired of having a grandchild. Both our children, though happily married, showed no inclination to provide us with the grandchildren we wanted. Obviously we had nothing to say about it. All we could do was wait and hint and wait and hint and then finally outright demand that they get busy, as it were.

Then our daughter and her husband finally saw the light and gave us Ezra, our first grandson back in March. He is perfect. Intelligent, handsome, social, a real charmer. How could he be anything less than perfect with us as his grandparents?

And then our son and daughter-in-law got into the swing of things and, two days ago, provided the most beautiful baby girl the world has ever seen. Clara was less than a day old when I held her in my arms and, charmed by those exquisite blue eyes, promised her that I would do everything in my power as her grandpa to spoil her.

So in the span of nine months we went from worrying that we might never know the joy of grandparenthood to having two, count em, two remarkable little additions to our family. It would be impossible to love those two precious children more than we do. Let the spoiling begin.