Thursday, January 31, 2013

back again

After a somewhat lengthy hiatus, I am again seated in front of the computer screen trying to think of something to blog about.  Certainly many noteworthy things (at least to me) have happened in the past year or so, but rather than bore myself, and thus by default, you too, with a lot of trivial nonsense, maybe I should reinstate my so recently ended hiatus before this gets out of hand.

It is actually somewhat disconcerting that not a whole lot has changed since we last met here on this blog.  The most important thing is that my two grandchildren are becoming real people.  They are 9 months apart in age so they are developing closely enough that as Ezra, the older of the two, learns a new skill, we can know what to watch for as Clara  follows along a few months behind.  What marvelous creatures children are.  They trap knowledge as it flashes by and then absorb it into their spongelike brains before it can escape.  They listen, they watch, they imitate, they test the limits, and they grow so fast that it seems everyday they need new clothes.  The only bad aspect of grandparenthood is that Ezra lives in California, so dropping in to see him requires some advance planning and a lot of money saving.  Wisconsin isn’t exactly just down the block and around the corner from California.  So I would like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt and hardy thank you to whoever is responsible for SKYPE.  It is the next best thing to being there.  Though we can’t reach out and hug him and our kisses mess up the computer screen, at least we can be an active part of his life and he can see and know his grandparents.  Clara, fortunately is much closer so we can see her and enjoy closeup the development stages she passes through.

Other than the joy of grandkids, my life has stayed mostly the same throughout the past year.  I still cope daily with the inconvenience of PD.  But Parkinson disease doesn’t prevent me from doing most of the things I love to do.  I still spend hours each day in my workshop/studio creating the things you can see 
 here.  I still go places and do things and see people just like a normal person.  Some of those activities may be more difficult at times, but a little difficulty only slows me down, it doesn’t, and shouldn’t stop me.

So my life remains quite the same as before this year rolled on by.  I haven’t joined any cults, haven’t broken any laws (ok, so I drive a little faster than the speed limit), haven’t bought a gun (neither pistol nor Uzi will ever be found in my house),  still have the same wife, and am still trying to figure out and understand our healthcare system.  Has it really been another year with no appreciable progress on that front?  I’m as mystified and frustrated as I was at this time last year.  

And though the world has seen some of the worst that can happen (killer storms, killer heat, killer drought, killer dictators, killer revolutions,and killers of children) I still somehow feel hopeful for the future that those grandkids I mentioned have in store for them.