Friday, February 01, 2013

It just seems that since I reached the milestone a few days ago that makes me officially a senior citizen--my 65th birthday--I should be able to tap into the well of wisdom that accrues to the aged and pass on some valuable nuggets of said wisdom.  But it’s not that easy.  The wisdom of the aged is not so readily available as I thought.  No shocking thunderbolt suddenly turned me into the sage I dreamed I would become once I passed  into the ranks of the elderly.  It seems that I will actually have to make the effort to dig into the vast reservoir of experience that those 65 years stored along the way to share those nuggets of wisdom that you young’uns will just ignore anyway.  I didn’t expect to have to work so hard at it.  I am retired after all. 

Maybe I’m just a little bummed out at stepping over the line into my 66th year.  I guess I sort of expected there to be some kind of magical revelation and a secret handshake that would welcome me into the Senior Citizen Club. Instead, my AARP card will have to stand as the talisman for the Brotherhood of Discounts and Codger Politics.  And I fully realize that I will have to adjust my metabolism so that I can be part of the early 4:OOPM dinner seating at the all you can eat buffet and doggie bag distributer. 

So while I may not feel any wiser, and don’t particularly feel any older, having attained my seat at the grownups’  table I will do my best to live up to the esteemed title of Old Man.  

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